Cheats voor Cartoon OrbitPC  
Cheat mode:
Effect                                                Code
10 points                                           : z-builder
200 points                                          : welcome
25 points                                           : brand new day
25 points                                           : plug-n-blox
250 points                                          : turkey
50 points                                           : matrix dragon
50 points                                           : nice prize
50 points                                           : gklahglkjk
Absolution Gtoon                                    : b9u5b2b2l45e7s4
Absolution Gtoon                                    : 6t3r62a9d82e5
Absolution Gtoon                                    : d92e4e4d588e8e23
Absolution Gtoon                                    : 9p38l7a73y5
Absolution Gtoon                                    : 21b8a74t4t13l9e
Absolution Gtoon                                    : 7m9209j1470
Animal Crossing: Blathers Ctoon                     : blathers
Animal Crossing: Gracie Ctoon                       : gracie
Animal Crossing: KK Slider Ctoon                    : kkslider
Animal Crossing: Rover Ctoon                        : rover
Animal Crossing: Tom Nook Ctoon                     : tomnook
Apple Jacks: Bad Apple                              : bad apple
Apple Jacks: Cinna Mon                              : cinna mon
Big Wig Ed                                          : big wig
Bubbles with Octi gToon and Buttercup Fighting gToon: power play
Bugs Laughin' Gtoon                                 : wabbit
Burger King: '03 Andriod 13                         : android force
Burger King: '03 Blossom                            : save the day
Burger King: '03 Trunks                             : storm blast
Burger King: Gogeta                                 : super saiyan
Burger King: Green Lantern                          : green lantern
Burger King: Hawkgirl                               : hawkgirl
Burger King: Mystery Machine                        : scary
Burger King: Superman                               : superman
Cabin Fever: KND Merit Badge                        : drenched
Cabin Fever: Lunchbox Badge                         : sandwich
Cabin Fever: Rockin Badge                           : wreckless
Cabin Fever: Swinging Badge                         : radial
Camp Lazlo: Edward the Platypus                     : tattletale
Camp Lazlo: Gretchen                                : grouchious
Camp Lazlo: Merit Badge                             : slinkman
Camp Lazlo: Nina Neckerly                           : bunkmate
Camp Lazlo: Patsy Smiles                            : chirpy
Camp Lazlo: Slinkman                                : merit badge
Car DeeDee                                          : gravity
CCF angry Mandy and cunning Dexter                  : power
CCF Kevin                                           : spooky
CCF Tudrussel                                       : police
Charizard                                           : flamethrower
Cheering Power Puff Girls                           : cheering
Chiaotzu                                            : onslaught
Coop cRing                                          : coop
Craver adToon and 100 points                        : crunch
Dexter Collectable GTOON                            : 8j7a62r9d9s
Dexter Collectable GTOON                            : 64p8q34w5e45r
Dexter Collectible Gtoon                            : 7m9209j50
Dexter Limited Edition                              : brain food
Donkey Kong Candy Kong                              : candy kong
Donkey Kong Cranky Kong                             : cranky kong
Donkey Kong Kart                                    : two-sweaters
Donkey Kong: Diddy Kong                             : diddy kong
Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong                            : donkey kong
Donkey Kong: Funky Kong                             : funky kong
Dracula One                                         : thank you
Dragon Ball Z: Chi Chi Ctoon                        : battle
Dragon Ball Z: Chiaotzu Ctoon                       : onslaught
Dragon Ball Z: Flying Vegeta Ctoon                  : galaxy
Dragon Ball Z: Gotenks Ctoon                        : victory
Dragon Ball Z: King Kai Ctoon                       : action
Dragon Ball Z: Nappa Ctoon                          : fury
Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Gohan Ctoon             : journey
Dragon Ball Z: Tien Ctoon                           : collision
Dragon Ball Z: Toonflash Trunks Ctoon               : comlink
Dragon Ball Z: Yamcha Ctoon                         : partner
Duck Dodgers Gtoon (2003)                           : bellyache
Dune Ratz Ctoon                                     : sand pit
EA Hagrid                                           : potion
EA Harry Potter                                     : cloak
Easter banana                                       : 4879fhcjk4
Easter banana                                       : 8bvjkvcnjk43
Easter banana                                       : cvnlkigiuo45
Easter banana                                       : kreqkvcaij7
Eddy CCF, and Cow                                   : sewer
Face your fears Scooby Doo                          : spook
Flake                                               : flake
Flash                                               : the flash
Flowershop Girls                                    : bouquet
Food DeeDee                                         : burger
Garlic Jr. edition 2, Sand Castle Bubbles, Oxnard   : resolution
Glowing Blossom and Beautiful Bellum                : city hall
Goat cRing                                          : goat
Golden Courage                                      : irish
Golden dino                                         : clueless
Golden Grim                                         : sister
Golden Scooby                                       : scooby
Golden Shaggy                                       : shaggy
Golden surprise Scooby                              : scoobysnack
Golden Velma                                        : velma
Gorrath cRing                                       : gorrath
Green Cazoo                                         : hit by snowball scarf
Green Lantern collectable                           : 4d62ex8t31e5r1
Green Lantern collectable                           : d92e4e4d597e8e5
Green Lantern collectable                           : 8c7a53r9d9s1
Green Lantern collectable                           : 7p38l6b71y6
Green Lantern collectable                           : 82p8034w5e9r
Green Lantern Collectible                           : 4d62e6x8t31e5r2
Green Lantern Collectible                           : 7p38l6b71y6
Green Lantern Collectible                           : 82p8034w5e9r
Green Lantern Collectible                           : 8c7a53r9d9s1
Green Lantern Collectible                           : d92e4e4d597e8e5
Guitar Yumi                                         : guitar
Honcho Numbuh One                                   : honcho
Hunchback                                           : hunchback
J.L. Game Sticker                                   : box top
Jack The Astronaut                                  : 57p8021w4e6r
Jack The Astronaut                                  : 9p45l7a21y5
Jack The Astronaut                                  : d57e4e3d478e9e25
Jack The Astronaut                                  : 5c9a42r7d3s1
Jack the Astronaut Gtoon                            : 87f47u21n9
Jamie cRing                                         : jamie
Jet Screamer Gtoon                                  : symphony
Johnny Bravo                                        : comb
Johnny Presley                                      : flashlight
Kaz Gtoon                                           : turkey
Kiva cRing                                          : kiva
KND: Abigail                                        : abigail
KND: B.E.S.T                                        : kndbest
KND: Hoagie                                         : hoagie
KND: Kuki                                           : kuki
KND: Nigel                                          : nigel
KND: Wallabee                                       : wallabee
Lego Blue Knight                                    : speed
Lego Castle Knight                                  : castle of morcia
Lego Green Knight                                   : agility
Lego Purple Knight                                  : wisdom
Lego Red Knight                                     : strength
Little snowman                                      : brr baby
Luigi Ctoon                                         : quiver
Majin Buu                                           : showdown
Marvin Martian                                      : cappuccino
Mashi-Mojo                                          : blaster
Megaman C Toon                                      : candy man
Milk                                                : milk
Mojo Jojo                                           : cape
Nesquik: Jimmy C Toon                               : bunny
Nesquik: Kevin                                      : stronger
Nesquik: Naz C Toon                                 : endurance
Numbah Four badge                                   : newmember
Orbit Trading Card                                  : halloween
Orbit Trading Card                                  : jackpot
Orbit Trading Card                                  : mobot
Orbit Trading Card                                  : turkey
Orbit Trading Card                                  : scoobysnack(s)
Orbit Trading Card                                  : dribble
Orbit Trading Card                                  : five
Orbit Trading Card                                  : milkshake
Orbit Trading Card                                  : hot fudge
Orbit Trading Card                                  : blonde
Orbit Trading Card                                  : bedtime
Orbit Trading Card                                  : playground
Orbit Trading Card                                  : group
Orbit Trading Card                                  : wild card
Pokemon: Beautifly                                  : lamppost
Pokemon: Blaziken                                   : wallpaper
Pokemon: Torchic                                    : flambeau
Pokemon: Wynaut                                     : walnut
Powerpuff Girls Gtoons                              : power play
Princess Numbah Three                               : delightful
Raven Verb Ctoon                                    : kball
Reeses Puffs Tazz                                   : hungary
Road Beasts Ctoon                                   : steel jaw
Roborepair                                          : gadget
Roll C Toon                                         : rock n roll
Roller Ghoaster                                     : shadow
Rolling Pin Butter Cup                              : fuzzy lumpkins
Samurai Jack                                        : kimono
Scorchers skull Ctoon                               : torch flame
Sharp-tongued Dee Dee and Udder-ly Happy Cow        : brain
Singing Hamtaro                                     : apple seed
Skiing                                              : dino icicle
Spatula Blossom                                     : super
Spatula Bubbles                                     : mojo jojo lair
Spatula Mandark                                     : hotbot
Star Wars: Anakin Ctoon                             : padawan
Star Wars: Asajj                                    : dark jedi
Star Wars: C3-PO and R2-D2                          : droids
Star Wars: Count Dooku                              : sith lord
Star Wars: Jedi Group                               : high council
Star Wars: Mace Windu                               : jedi master
Star Wars: Obi-Wan                                  : general
Star Wars: Yoda                                     : leader
Street Breed Ctoon                                  : graffiti
Teen Titans cRing                                   : titans go
Teen Titans: Beast Boy cRing                        : shape change
Teen Titans: Cyborg cRing                           : sonic boom
Teen Titans: Raven cRing                            : telekinesis
Teen Titans: Robin cRing                            : birdarang
Teen Titans: Starfire cRing                         : starbolt
TMNT: Donatello Ctoon                               : donatello
TMNT: Leonardo Ctoon                                : leonardo
TMNT: Michelangelo Ctoon                            : michelangelo
TMNT: Raphael Ctoon                                 : raphael
TMNT: Shredder Ctoon                                : shredder
Two Snowmen                                         : windchill
Tycoon Mac                                          : tycoon
Verb Masked Dog                                     : frisbee
Wave riders Ctoon and Hot Rodders cRing             : surfs up
Wonder Woman Statue Ctoon                           : wonder woman
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